As a company we need many members to take an active role in the many different aspects of the smooth and successful running of our theatre. We hope that, should you decide to join us, you will become a useful and integral part of our membership.

• Acting: We currently perform 5 plays and a Pantomime a year. We have a series of auditions during the year, which are notified in our newsletter, and advertised in the local press and on our Facebook page. If you wish to be considered for a part in a play, you should attend the auditions and/or contact the relevant director.

• Backstage: There are many degrees of responsibility, and there are many different jobs such as lighting, sound, stage management, prompting, costumes, props or backstage crew.

• Bar and coffee shop: These are open before and during each performance, with the bar also open afterwards. We are always looking for pleasant staff to serve our customers and make them feel welcome. You would be expected to dress formally in black and white.

• Directing: If you have experience in directing for other companies or would like to work alongside a director as an assistant, please contact our committee direct. Plays are submitted and selected at least a year in advance. All our new directors have to first assist one of our established directors before being allowed to go it alone.

• Front of house: We need people to welcome our patrons, sell programmes and ice-creams, check and collect tickets, and train as front-of-house managers including how to ensure the safety of the audience. You would be expected to dress formally in black and white.

• Set building: This is done during working hours in the week, and we are always looking for skilled woodworkers, painters, scenic artists and handymen.

• Wardrobe: We do have an extensive wardrobe run by our wardrobe team, but we are always looking for people to help them make/alter costumes, to help on the night with costume changes, and to help put away costumes after a production.